Bilbao Airport (BIO)
Ground Transport and Car Parking

(Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain)

Ground transportation options between the airport and Bilbao are limited to buses, shuttles and taxis. The Bizkaibus line 3247 runs between Bilbao Airport and downtown, leaving every 30 minutes from 06:15 to midnight. Some quality accommodation establishments in the region offer guests courtesy airport transfers; check with your travel agent or directly with your lodgings to see what options are available. Alternatively, there are taxis on standby outside the terminal 24 hours, ready to take passengers to destinations across the region.

Taxis can also be pre-booked. Bilbao city centre is just 12 km / 7 miles from the airport, with the trip taking around 15 minutes. A popular alternative to ground transportation is to rent a car, with the island very easily navigated and boasting some excellent sealed roads.

General Parking Facilities

Bilbao Airport has two car parks, one for general parking and the other for express parking. The Express Parking Lot has just 37 spaces and is intended for stays of up to 30 minutes, making it suitable for those dropping off or meeting passengers. Although you can leave your vehicle in the Express Parking Lot longer than 30 minutes, the rates increase sharply thereafter. Most visitors wishing to leave their vehicles for a few hours or days opt to use the much larger General Parking Lot, which has space for 3,000 vehicles. The General Parking Lot is suitable for both short-term and long-term stays. As you enter the parking lot, a ticket is issued, which can be paid in cash upon exit.

Both parking lots at Bilbao Airport have specially designated parking spaces reserved for properly identified vehicles with disabled drivers or passengers, with the Express Parking Lot being the most accessible from the terminal building. Airlines can provide wheelchairs, while the airport staff can provide assistance upon request. Disabled passengers can also be dropped off or picked up from directly outside the terminal.

Bilbao Airport BIO

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